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Click here for a map showing Church Street and South Main Street

Click here for a map showing Grove Street and the Railway Station

Click here for a map showing North Main Street

Miscellaneous Views from Around the Village of Moravia

Church Street

Church Street looking east from Main, Winter 1905. [1]


Also looking east, from about opposite the Union block (see back).

A smilar view taken in 1952.


Church Street looking west from the Congregational Church (see back).


Church street looking west from just below the old High School.  Buildings from right to left are the Frank Williamson house, First Baptist Church, ME Church (see back).

Another view looking west from just below the old High School.  Note the dirt street and ditches with plank "crosswalks".

Powers Library

Powers Library about 1900

Powers Library and M.E. Church. The Powers Library has been in continuous use since 1882. [2]

South Main Street

View of Main Street looking south from about Congress Street (see back).



Further south on Main Street from about School Street.  The Fair Grounds is on the left on the site of the present High School.  The Judge Gershom Morse House is in the background on the left. This section of Main Street was farm land until about 1880.

(see back of photo 2)

North Main Street



North Main Street from Cayuga Street. In photo 1, on the left is the front porch of the Brick Store; on the right is Everson's Dry Goods on the site of the present Modern Market. (see back of photo 2)


Late winter afternoon about 1901 looking south along North Main Street.

Keeler Avenue

Keeler Ave from N. Main.  (see closeups: left and right; see back)

Similar photo taken about 1910

Mystery Photo

Brown & Springer Mill may not be in Moravia at all.[3]

Central Street

Man inflating a bicycle tire next to the W. Pitt Parker Wagon Shop, located on the north side of Central Street (later Ryan's garage). About 1900.

Boy with a large carp.  Photo taken about 1900 on Central Street looking towards Main.  Building on the left is the Smith Block (burned in 1940).


Grove Street

1905 Flood.  Presumably at the Grove Street Bridge. [1]


Site of old NY State Arsenal, from the War of 1812.  Located on the southwest corner of Grove and Aurora streets.  Razed about 1930 (see back).


The Tabernacle meeting house, on the east side of Grove St. near W. Cayuga. Click here for more information.


Lehigh Valley Railway Station

At the west end of Central Street.  The train and all of the buildings are long since gone (see back).


A bridge just south of the depot shown washed out from a flood about 1900.


A Lehigh Valley RR locomotive coming into town, about 1900.


Smith Street

The Moravia Elgin Creamery[2], a sort of franchise operation, was located along the north side of Mill Creek just west of Smith Street (approximately behind the Powers Library).  It was organized in 1899 and went out of business in 1917. Its location can be seen in the panorama view from West Cayuga Street below.



All photos are the property of the owner of this  web site unless otherwise noted.

[1] Photos courtesy of Ray and Diane Lillie

[2] Photo courtesy of Bill Hecht

[3] Photo courtesy of Barb and Bob Slade

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